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nVest launches its fractional investing sandbox for banks and wealth-techs


nVest launches its sandbox for fractional investing so banks and wealthtechs can transform their investment offerings by leveraging embedded infrastructure.


Embedded investment platform nVest, Australia’s first B2B2C fractional trading infrastructure, has launched its sandbox. 


The nVest sandbox serves as a secure test environment for banks, other financial institutions and fintech apps to access seamless fractional trading in stocks and ETFs, unlocking a new realm of possibilities for investors of all sizes.  


nVest’s pioneering technology enables the division of stocks and ETFs into smaller, more affordable units. Fractionalisation makes securities accessible to a broader range of investors who can start investing with smaller amounts of capital and more easily achieve diversification to pursue their wealth creation goals.


Sivan Atad, Founder & CEO, nVest said “We are incredibly excited to introduce the nVest sandbox as we revolutionise the investment landscape in Australia. Our powerful fractional trading platform removes barriers to entry and enables ordinary Australians to build wealth through share market investing. At the same time, financial services providers can attract a wider customer base and build new revenue streams”.


The key benefits of the nVest solution include:

  • Seamless Integration: Customers can easily embed nVest’s fractional trading platform into their existing systems and infrastructure allowing for a smooth transition and rapid deployment. It also provides comprehensive API documentation and support to ensure efficient connectivity and data flow.

  • Customisable Solutions: The nVest platform offers a range of customisable options for different use cases, enabling financial institutions to tailor the platform to their specific requirements, user experience and branding.

  • Unified Digital Experience: Enabling a fully digital experience for all investor communications and events like corporate actions and statements.

  • Compliance & Risk Management: The nVest platform algorithms are adaptable to the local regulatory requirements and incorporate robust compliance & risk management and reporting tools providing a secure and transparent investment environment for all users.


The nVest infrastructure-as-a-service platform has been developed to be exchange and broker agnostic, enabling the introduction of next generation investment capabilities with minimal effort. 


nVest is collaborating with FinClear, one of the largest participants in the settlement of Australian listed equity trades. 


Andrea Marani, CEO, FinClear Execution & Clearing Services, commented “We are thrilled to witness the launch of nVest’s fractional trading sandbox, a groundbreaking platform that has the potential to revolutionise the investing landscape. nVest’s commitment to democratise access to trading and the ability to fractionalise listed securities and private assets aligns with demands we are seeing in the market. We look forward to collaborating with nVest and supporting their vision of a more inclusive and accessible financial ecosystem.”


nVest’s embedded investment infrastructure is rapidly gaining popularity among financial institutions and fintechs seeking to lower barriers to entry for young Australians to access the local stock market.  It offers key benefits such as seamless integration, customisable solutions, a unified digital experience and robust compliance and risk management tools. 


Among the first fintechs to use the sandbox is Nine25, an app helping Australia’s workforce to manage money better and experience a new era of financial independence.


“nVest’s unique capabilities are designed to enable our everyday young Australians to invest in fractional shares, removing the misconception that you need large sums of money to enter the stock market. Automated investment innovators such as the nVest platform can help our customers achieve better financial outcomes without being deterred by the idea that only experienced or wealthier individuals can invest and instead they can get started with just $1. This is an exciting development that has the potential to help nudge everyday Australians into investing, which they may never have thought possible, helping to put young Australians on a path to wealth” remarked Nine25’s Founder, Leigh Dunsford.


The nVest sandbox is available for financial institutions and fintech companies in Australia to explore the transformative potential of fractional trading. 


Fintech Investor Dom Pym, CoFounder, Up, Pin Payments and Euphemia, said: “nVest’s platform provides banks, brokers and fintechs with reduced transaction costs, increased margins and unlocks wealth creation opportunities for all Australians. The team brings a technology lens to everything they do, so I expect early adopter developers will enjoy exploring how fractional investing technology can add value to their clients and customers.”


“We celebrate the remarkable talent behind this greenfield project.  nVest has an exceptional team of engineers, architects and domain experts who are committed to tackling complex challenges at scale.  Their invaluable contributions, coupled with the guidance and insights from their team of advisors, have propelled this project forward and transformed ambitious ideas into reality” announced Madeline Cunningham, Advisor, nVest.


Companies interested in experiencing the future of investing are encouraged to reach out to the nVest team for access to the sandbox environment.


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