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nVest wins SmartCompany’s The Pitch in Sydney

Sivan Atad, the CEO and Founder of nVest, stood out among a group of promising Australian startup founders as he took the stage at the exclusive Pitch event. This remarkable gathering, hosted by the esteemed SmartCompany and held at the breathtaking 12 Micron events venue in Barangaroo, unfolded as a collaborative effort between industry powerhouses AWS, BlueRock, and FinTech Australia. The event drew a captivated audience, all eager to witness the presentations of six burgeoning startups as they vied for recognition from a distinguished panel of judges.


The panel, composed of accomplished luminaries including Raaj Rayat from Airtree Ventures, Laura Faulconer of x15ventures, Jill Berry from Adatree, Bevan McLeod representing BlueRock, and Wayne Clarke hailing from AWS, engaged in the difficult task of selecting a winner. After careful consideration, nVest emerged triumphant, owing to its astute identification of an unresolved market gap and its ambitious mission to revolutionize broker trading across all platforms.


The victory brings substantial rewards for nVest. Among these, a notable mention goes to the $100,000 worth of AWS Activate credits, a testament to the technological prowess nVest brings to the table. BlueRock’s pledge of $15,000 worth of consultancy services further validates nVest’s potential for growth and success. Adding to the accolades, nVest has secured a coveted spot on FinTech Australia’s prestigious podcast, solidifying its position as an industry trailblazer.


Sivan Atad’s remarkable achievement at this event underscores nVest’s dedication to innovation and problem-solving within the broker trading landscape. With the unwavering support of industry leaders and the promise of its groundbreaking solutions, nVest is poised to lead the charge in reshaping the future of trading platforms.

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