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One simple API creating many exceptional investment experiences

We are democratising stock trading. Our bank-grade embedded investment solution allows you to deliver accessible, simple and affordable investment experiences to retail investors and for financial advisors

nVest helps power...


seamlessly embed wealth savings into your banking app to drive acquisition and retention

stock trading apps

gain an edge with next-gen features and prices


create new wealth creation experiences to complement your core capabilities in the PFM, loans, data and payments space

investment managers

connect your service with fractional trading and advanced portfolios.

loyalty solutions

offer automatic fractional share rewards.
Increase brand loyalty and turn customers and employees into your backer

B2B trading platform

The game has changed.

the nVest platform removes cost, volume and restrictive barriers that exist in the current infrastructure

Shared volumes

Harness the benefits of trading at scale

trades are aggregated so that you can benefit from reduced order placement fees and flexible business models – enabling many new micro transaction use cases

Unrestricted trading

Removing the existing barriers to entry

all available stocks are seeded and ready to transact to ensure clients can place orders with no minimum order limits (Minimum Marketable Parcel)

Lower build & operational costs

Let us handle the complexity of fractional trading

investment-as-a-service means our clients’ technical and support teams can focus on adding value where it matters – their core business – and leave the technical & operational stuff to us

Trading API for developers

Developer-first platform for digital investing

  "asset": {
    "symbol": "BHP"
  "side": "buy",
  "type": "market",
  "quantity": 1.25,
  "exchangeCode": "ASX",
  "timeInForce": "day"

why nVest?

nVest eliminates existing constraints, transforming the future of ASX trading

Significantly reduce your fixed costs

reduce fixed costs per trade, increasing profit margins and fostering new dimensions of competition

Accelerate innovation

create innovative investment experiences your users will love, tailored to their needs. All within your own app

Differentiate on multiple dimensions

differentiate on multiple dimensions including trade volume, stock selection, frequency and value

Improve gross margins

improve gross margins through full automation and real-time processing

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