nVest is a whitelabelled B2B solution that enables your business to offer fractionalisation to your consumers.

A modern developer-first API for stock trading


our platform is built on the latest cloud native technologies – a scalable and secure platform designed to perform under the most demanding workloads

Corporate actions

our platform deals with the complexity of handing corporate actions such as dividends and share buybacks

Order processing

a fully reliable order management system that allows your users to place fractional orders with confidence and receive real time updates

Sandbox environment

a fully like-for-like sandbox environment, which allows you to experiment with our APIs and build your own custom integrations

Secure integration

our APIs are fully secured, OAuth is used to authenticate your clients, and a web application firewall protects out API endpoints

A fully compliant solution

our team have built a fully secure, audited and bank-grade platform. Your data is fully secure and will not leave Australia. Full tax time reporting is provided

Developer friendly API

  "asset": {
    "symbol": "BHP"
  "side": "buy",
  "type": "market",
  "quantity": 1.25,
  "exchangeCode": "ASX",
  "timeInForce": "day"