The nVest Platform

The nVest platform enables the purchase of fractional shares via industry standard B2B APIs

A modern developer first API for ASX trading

Sophisticated order algorithms

We use sophisticated order aggregation algorithms to minimalism the overhead of order placement costs, batching orders together and purchasing whole shares from our issuer

Shares carried over

Any left-over residual shares will be carried by nVest and allocated for future trades on the platform

Fractional registry

A fractional registry is maintained within our platform, using a custodial to safeguard customer holdings

Offer your clients investment services

This gives our clients the power to offer fractional investment services to their end-users with full confidence

Major barriers to build

Businesses in our target market are unlikely to build fractional capabilities internally due to the material barriers created by significant capital and engineering costs to build the technology, as well as regulatory complexity and opportunity costs.


The challenges that clients will face


Due to the complexity of this product, there is a significant cost & time to build (minimum 12 months and $2m)


The R&D effort also involves solving compliance and regulations challenges. This hasn’t been done in Australia yet.

Funding & credentials

Capital is required to make the model work and get the tick of approval from vendors and regulators

Execution & speed to market

There’s very limited resources in Australia with domain expertise in this space
nVest creates value through building a one-to-many SaaS platform that will deliver a consistently better ROI for clients, and make internally built solutions commercially unviable.